Compliance Committee
The Compliance Committee works with appropriate Montgomery County personnel to address various compliance concerns raised by Darnestown residents. These concerns may range from, for example, trash piling up on a neighborhood property to inappropriate use of property (e.g, running an unauthorized business).
Environment Committee
Contact: …….
The Environment Committee assists with issues that negatively impact Darnestown’s environment (e.g. cutting down trees in a conservation area). The Committee works with Park and Planning, as well as, WSSC to get the proper resources involved depending on the issue.
Public Safety Committee
Co. Chairperson…Kevin Keegan
Contact: …………
The Public Safety Committee is responsible for working with the Montgomery County Police Department to help resolve safety issues that negatively impact the community.
Social Committee
Chairperson...Rachael Petruccelli
The Social Committee coordinates the various social functions; Hoe Down, Christmas Tree Lighting, and Spring Flings
Village Committee
The Village Committee is concerned with all matters relating to the commercial and residential properties around the main Darnestown intersection of Darnestown and Seneca Roads, i.e. the town center. (See map) Primarily, our concerns have been with the commercial development in the Village, but the committee is always cognizant of protecting the well being of the nearby residential neighbors.
Wildlife Committee
Chairperson… Karen Hinrichsen
The Wildlife Committee was formed to manage the human-wildlife conflict through identification of problems, exploration of evidenced based solutions, partnering with other private and governmental organizations, engaging state and local government in implementing solutions, and the formation of action plans. The purpose is to decrease human-wildlife conflict and help restore the balance of a natural environment of the land, streams and forest around the Darnestown area.
Zoning and Development Review Committee
Chairperson...Pam DuBois
The Darnestown Civic Association Zoning and Development Review Committee is responsible for monitoring site plans submitted to the county for development as well as re-zoning applications within Darnestown. Our goal is to review the development plans and zoning applications to ensure that they are consistent with county zoning requirements and objectives as well as being compatible with the land uses and the greater Darnestown community.