Currently we’re in a slight lull in the school redistricting process that we’ve discussed so intently in the last couple of Acorn issues. As a reminder, this is the County study to re-district Northwest, Seneca Valley, and Clarksburg High Schools, as well as their feeder middle schools. One of the 14 options being considered would send Darnestown Elementary School kids to Martin Luther King, Jr. MS and Seneca Valley HS.

Things will pick up quickly this fall and we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated. Here are major milestones:

  • August (should be available as of this printing) – Final Boundary Report will be released, including all options and survey feedback
  • September/October – County Superintendent of Schools will review report and provide final recommendation
  • November – Board of Education reviews recommendation, receives public input (including open hearings), and potentially introduces additional options • November – Board of Education votes on final boundary changes and grandfather policy. Current recommendation is to grandfather 11th & 12th graders (as of fall 2020) to remain at current high school and 8th graders to remain at current middle school
  • September 2020 – Changes become effective