Please Respond to Montgomery County’s 2nd Survey on School Boundary Redistricting

Montgomery County has recently released an additional 6 options for the redistricting of Northwest, Seneca Valley, and Clarksburg high schools as well as their feeder middle schools. This second set of options (8-12) did not include any additional options for moving Darnestown out of their current path to Lakelands Park Middle School and Northwest High School. HOWEVER, all 14 options are still on the table and will be included in the report that MCPS sends to the Superintendent.

Our goal for Darnestown resident responses is to continue to oppose Option 4, which would move Darnestown Elementary School kids to MLK, Jr. Middle School and Seneca Valley High School, and to promote Option 9, which was added in the second set of options in coordination with the NWHS community. We also encourage you to write an email to the Board of Education (see details below).

Survey Details

Recommended Survey Answers

Question 1: Order of Importance of Factors (based on DCA resident survey answers)

  1. Geography
  2. Facility Utilization
  3. Demographics

Questions 2, 3, and 4 – the factor questions

Survey QuestionDropdown 1
Dropdown 2
Dropdown 3
2. Geography Option 9 Option 12 Option 4
3. Demographics Option 9 Option 11a Option 4
4. Facility Utilization Option 9 Option 11a Option 4

Question 5: Top 3 Preferred Options

  1. Option 9
  2. Option 11a
  3. Option 12

Rationale for Recommended Responses

Option 9, 11a and 12 are provide identical for utilization and demographics for NWHS:

  • Leaves NWHS at 117% utilized, one of the better utilization results out of all the options.
  • Moves 300 students to SVHS, leaving NWHS overcrowded by 400 students, to eventually be relieved by the Crown HS.
  • The racial makeup, % ESOL, and % of FARMs students is relatively unchanged from current levels.
  • Roberto Clemente MS, Kingsview MS, King MS, Rocky Hill MS and Neelsville MS have ideal facility utilization rates.
  • Of the above options, Option 9 is the best compromise for facility utilization, demographics, and geography. It is favorable for demographics at Neelsville MS and SVHS and one of the best options to reduce the overcrowding at Clarksburg HS (109% in year 6).

Write an Email!

The survey doesn’t allow any open text responses so we encourage you to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    • Emails will be included in the report to the Superintendent and to the Board.
    • Include the above points in favor of option 9.
    • To oppose option 4, include
      1. the lengthy bus times and inefficient use of transportation dollars to bus kids past closer schools,
      2. the creation of geographic service areas that are islands and very distant from each other removing the community feel of the school
      3. the option leaves Clarksburg HS and NWHS and at 122% and 123% overutilized while SVHS is 91% utilized which doesn’t advance the utilization factor.
      4. Do not mention property value damage or the realignment from Quince Orchard to Northwest HS that took place in 1998 – neither of these are factors that are being considered and mention of them will have a negative impact.

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