A Darnestown Timeline

Some Darnestown folks are off to a good start on a project to create a timeline of significant dates and milestones in Darnestown’s history during the past 100 years or so. Creating a spreadsheet and thinking of milestones and events turned out to be easy. Filling in the actual dates has been more difficult, and we need help! We’re asking you to provide any dates that you can. If you know exact dates, that’s great; if you only know years and/or months, that’s great too. The list is in no particular order yet – that will happen after we have lots of dates filled in, when sequencing it by date will be meaningful.
Please contact xxxxxxxxx by e-mail or telephone (xxxThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 301-xxx-xxxx), and help fill in the blanks. For reference, all we really need is the line number in the left-most column and your info about that event or milestone. The online version will be updated monthly.  Your suggestions, corrections, additions will be welcomed!

Timeline Document

To view the timeline, click on the Darnestown Timeline link above. 
To search for a specific event while viewing the timeline, invoke the FIND function via and type a single word, a phrase, or a milestone event name.  Searches are not case sensitive. 
The timeline is a read-only Excel document with restricted access.  Changes to its contents may appear to be saved, but they are not.  To exit the timeline, click on any other topic listed in the left column of the webpage.