The Whole of Darnestown (WoD) Volunteer Program

Working to connect community volunteerism with credible health and safety advice to support the wellbeing of Darnestown residents.

Program Background:

In response to the coronavirus pandemic and the Maryland stay at home order, a collaborative volunteer effort between the Darnestown Civic Association (DCA), Darnestown Presbyterian Church (DPC), and the Darnestown Swim & Racquet Club (DSRC), as well as several community volunteer leaders was kicked off to support members of the Darnestown community.

The goal of this program is to make sure every resident in Darnestown is able to reach out for assistance during the coronavirus pandemic and that the infrastructure is in place to connect neighborhood volunteers with those residents in need. In addition, the program aims to provide information to volunteers so they can support neighbors in a safe manner.

Neighborhood Leads:

The program functions at the neighborhood level and relies on “neighborhood leads” and other volunteers in your neighborhood. Leads will be the main point of contact for their neighborhood and, together with their volunteers, will assist those needing help.

A postcard has been sent to every Darnestown household with the contact info for their specific neighborhood lead. Neighbors needing assistance can contact the neighborhood lead.

On-line Resources:

Additionally, the DCA is gathering relevant pandemic online information for both small business owners and individuals from reputable sources to provide quick one click access to important information.